Mmmmm …. Food! I don’t know about you but it is the one thing guaranteed to put a smile on our faces no matter what the day brings. Its also the thing we probably think about most often – no longer has breakfast finished than all thoughts turn to what should be for lunch. Maybe its just us!?!
Either way such an obsession makes obvious subject matter for our blog. ‘We’ are Halldor and Jon, two friends from University who like a good old munch and a good movie …. a good munch whilst watching a good movie is always the aim.

Over the coming days, weeks, months etc we’ll bring you tales of our culinary disasters, our cooking triumphs, favourite recipes, links to cool kitchen and cooking related products and books. Plus there will be the odd rant and plenty¬† of disposable food related banter.

Although we’re quite accustomed to speaking to ourselves we’d love company along the way, so feel free to comment, and suggest new recipes or relay tales of your own cooking odyssey’s.

I think our food fanaticisms can¬† be blamed on our families, both sets of parents are no strangers to the kitchen, and experiment relentlessly – fusing (intentionally and otherwise) dishes from around the cooking world. Italian, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Morrocan, French, Portuguese, Mexican… we’d be hard pressed to pick a favourite, unless of course your talking dessert, in which case Chocolate cake is KING! Anyone who says otherwise is a heretic … but like we mentioned independant opinions will be welcomed … but do expect to be challenged if we happen to dissagree …

Now, what should i have for lunch…..